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Redness? Swelling? What’s wrong with my eyelash?

Today we talk about the reason why will have redness and swelling after eyelash extension or grafting, as a lash artists need to find the potential problem and solve them at any time.

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What’s the reason for redness in eyelids after eyelash extension?

1. Inadequate cleaning before grafting (causing infection and inflammation)
2. The roots of the eyelashes are raised and stuck to the eyelids (resulting in redness and swelling of the eyes)
3. Customer's own allergic physique (not suitable for eyelash grafting)
4. Glue is on the eyelids (irritation causes redness and swelling)
5. Grafting time is too long, repeated to irritate eyelid (resulting in redness and swelling)
6. Low-quality eyelash material result in eye in redness.


How to care and treat the red eye after eyelash extension?

1. Customer’s own allergic physique and the root of eyelash raised to the eye, it needs to take down the eyelash asap, using the topical hydrocortisone cream smear on the eyelids.
2. Using the Allergy eye drops
3. Find a professional Lash Artist and Lash Shop.

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