Active actions taken by dental institutions to reduce the risk of infection during the epidemic

The epidemic has been spreading for more than a year. At the beginning, many dental institutions were closed because of the risk of infection, but after all, people could not stay away from their teeth for a long time. Finally, under various studies, a treatment process that could minimize the risk was finally unified.


  1. Adopt a full appointment system, and it is recommended that patients go to the hospital on time, do not arrive early or late, so as to reduce the situation of waiting for groups in the hospital.
  2. It is not recommended to accompany the sick person. If you really need it, you should limit it to one person to avoid crowds in the waiting area.
  3. Adopt an independent consultation room, only one patient at a time can be diagnosed and treated, to avoid the mutual infection of droplets between patients caused by simultaneous treatment.
  4. Provide point-to-point transfers from home to medical institutions for patients to avoid exposure risks during commuting.


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