Hot Stone therapy

Hot Stone Therapy

Under normal circumstances, the body can excrete wastes from the body through sweating, excretion, etc., but when stress and fatigue cause lactic acid to increase, it will cause soreness and insomnia, the body cannot remove these wastes automatically.

so Accumulated in certain specific places in the body, the content of wastes in the body is too high and cannot be eliminated, and the body's metabolic function continues to decline, resulting in increased body burden and lack of vitality.

This is the root cause of many diseases that are difficult to heal. The lactic acid in the body is discharged through the principle of scraping. Then promote the body's metabolism, and the tool used for scraping is to increase the function of eliminating lactic acid waste

The energy hot stone not only relieves the fatigue of the guests, but also relieves the nervous, and the heart can also enjoy the continuous absorption of natural nutrients from nature.

Hot Stone Therapy:3 Steps

Prepare Stone、Essential oil、Stone Heater 6 Quart、Pure water

 Stone Heater 6 Quart
1.Material & How to do heat the stone.
  Hot Stone
Add pure water to the holding furnace, add the essential oil, soak the hot stone and heat for it about 20 minutes (the temperature can be determined according to the customer's skin's ability to withstand, generally not more than 70 degrees Celsius). After warming the stone, take it out and place it on a towel

2.Oil Massage

Lying in a separate treatment room quietly, the light is adjusted to the softest state, and the soft music echoes in the ears, giving people a relaxed feeling of returning to nature. The esthetician applies the prepared essential oils to the whole body, along the sides of the spine, from bottom to top using lymphatic detoxification techniques to relax the tendons.

3.Hot Stone Massage

When the esthetician held a hot stone and used a deep muscle massage technique to slide across the skin, it will felt warm and comfortable, and the originally tight and sore muscles relaxed. This step helps release stress, restore vitality, accelerate deep lipolysis, and increase metabolic rate.

4.Strengthen acupoint stimulation use stone

The esthetics puts hot stones with a suitable temperature on the acupuncture points on both sides of the back spine in order, allowing the essential oils absorbed by the hot stones to penetrate into the skin with the heat. Put a certain pressure on acupuncture points on the back about 20 minutes.

This step uses the heat conduction of minerals to wake up the deepest touches of the skin, activate the lazy cells, strengthen blood circulation in the body, stimulate and guide the body's most natural nutrient supply, so that the skin Presents a ruddy radiance.

5.Salon Facial Bed

Using a Facial Bed to assist you to do this hot stone therapy.

3 motors Facial Bed white



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