1.hi this chair has a warranty ?

All of our products comes with 1 year manufacturer warranty.

2.Can you remove the arm rest?(facial bed)

Yes, the arms are removable.

3.Is chair delivery available to Alaska/Hawaii?

Alaska and Hawaii delivery will be expensive, starting at $950.00 additional shipping charge, the charges will vary depending on location as well.

4.Where are you located?

We located in Texas,US.

5.Is it support installment payment?

Sorry we do not support temporary.

6.Is there anyelse payment method except paypal?

Paypal are protect customer and merchant's right,Save yourself the risk and hassle of entering your financial details each time you shop and pay online.

Need extra payment method by credit card please contact us more detail.

Credit card like Master/Visa/JBC/America express card will open later.

7.How to Link Credit or Debit Cards to Your PayPal?(PAYPAL

Linking your credit or debit card
There are various ways you can link your credit or debit card. If you haven’t already done so while signing up, you can do it at any time from your personal account.

STEP 1: Link from your PayPal dashboard


Once you’ve logged in, look for the Link a card button on your account dashboard and click on it.

STEP 2: Enter your credit or debit card details


Choose your card type and let us know your card details, which can be found on your physical bank card. Once you have done so, click Save.

You’ll then be taken to your bank’s website to authenticate your card. Once you enter the one-time passcode your bank will send to confirm your card, you’re done!

STEP 3: Add new credit or debit card

Using PayPal doesn’t mean you lose out on card perks. In fact, your account allows you to pick and choose the card that gives you the preferred reward points, miles and cashbacks. All you need to do is link each card once — so go ahead and link more credit or debit cards to your PayPal account to have all your rewards at hand.

Remove A Credit or Debit card

To remove a credit or debit card, simply go to the same page under Payment Methods and select the card you want to remove. Click on Edit, and then Remove Card, and it will no longer be linked to your PayPal account.




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