1. Product Functionality Questions

1.1)About this Lotos wide spa bed/table with storage

Q:What is the weight limit/capacity of a person for spa bed?

A:Approximately 200kg(440lbs)

Q:What kind of electricity will I need to install with the unit?

A:Insert the pin-shaped power cord to Power socket, 110V ~ 240V is available.

Power socket

Q:Does it come with paper roller?

A:This spa bed not come with paper roller.

Q:Can I remove the arm rest?How to remove the arms?

A:The armrest can adjustable but not removable.

Q:Can the chair tilt and also move back and forth? 

A:Yes, this chair come with backrest and whole body adjustment,4 motors control backrest,legrest,lift and tilt.

Q:Whats the hand control function for spa bed?

A:The Lotos spa bed with storage Backrest adjustment from 0 degree flat to 65 degree incline.

lotos spa bedlotos spa bed lotos spa bed

Lotos wide spa bed

Q:Whats the one key reset hand control function of lotos wide spa bed?

A:It is about One-key control seat part adjustment / lying flat)One-key control seat part adjustment : the back and the seat rise to the highest at the same time;One-key control lying flat adjustment : Backrest、seat and height to a minimum at the same time.

one key reset hand control function of Lotos spa bed

Q:Is this chair has a warranty?

A:yes,all the product come with product warranty 1 year.


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