1. Product Functionality Questions

1.1) General Questions

Q: How can I select a Electric Facial Bed/Chairs?

A:We have a blog describing everything in very detail to answer this question for you, check out here. 

Q:What is the weight limit/capacity of a person for Facial Bed chair?

A:Approximately 150kg(330lbs)

 Milton White Facial Bed Chairs Load Capacity

Q:What kind of electricity will I need to install with the unit?

A:Almost need in 110V-240V

Q:How long will I receive my order after pay?

A:Product processing day 1-3 working days.Small and medium product use standard shipping delivery within 1-5 working days,size big and heavy product use local logistic to send and delivery time within 7-12 working days according to the buyer location,also using YRC LOGISTIC,DAYLIGHT LOGISTICS and so on. Some area in the USA can not delivery,please check more detail about shipping.

*Be sure to leave us a good phone number and a good commercial address to receive the spas so we can ship it faster to your place!

Q:Is chair delivery available to Alaska/Hawaii?Where’s beauty-ace salon furniture location?

A:Alaska and Hawaii delivery will be expensive, starting at $950.00 additional shipping charge, the charges will vary depending on location as well,contact our online chat to know more.Beautyace salon furniture located on Texas,all products send from Texas,also we have warehouse on Canada,part of facial bed sale synchronously.

Q:Do you have financing-options like Snap finance/PayPal Credit/NAVITA CreditCorp?

A:We accept buy and pay it now,support creidt card like Visa & Master Card,JCB,America express,Paypal,Paypal credit and etc.financing options still not support.

Q:How to Link Credit or Debit Cards to Your PayPal?

A:Linking your credit or debit card(Paypal official website)
There are various ways you can link your credit or debit card. If you haven’t already done so while signing up, you can do it at any time from your personal account.

1.2)About this Milton electric facial chairs

Q:Does it come with paper roller?

A:Beautyace Euphro White Podiatry Chair Pedicure come with paper roller(product link),other facial bed chairs like Aglaia pink estheticians bed,Thalia treatment bed,Milton facial bed not come with paper roller.

Q:Can I remove the arm rest?How to remove the arms?

A:Yes, the arms are removable and 180 degree rotation. Just rotate and pull right out

Q:Can the chair tilt and also move back and forth? 

A:Yes, this chair come with backrest and whole body adjustment but without tilt up and down,rise up and down can.

Q:Can adjust the headrest?

A:if the facial bed electric come with adjustable headrest,most of them can adjust!

Q:Which treatment table electric come with 270 degree rotation?

A:Below Both of treatment table come with 270 degree rotation,other not come with.

Beautyace Euphro White Podiatry Chair Pedicure

Beautyace Thalia White Medical Treatment Table

Q:Is this chair has a warranty?

A:yes,all the product come with product warranty 1 year.

Q: How often should I clean my spa facial bed?

A: It is recommended to clean your spa facial bed after each use to maintain hygiene and prevent the spread of germs,also can use the Disposable non-woven fabric.

More details can check our article here


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