Why not choose a small manicure & pedicure chair to do home salon?
As we know,during on the convid-19 spread on the whole world,goverment aslo make an appeal to everyone to keep a social distance,it'd better stay at home to decrease to go to the public place,this problem make effect on the salon business.

So how about try to make a small home salon to keep safety? or you own you home salon originally.

If you are prepare to open the nail salon on home or small house,choose salon product in small cost but can assist you,the nail desk/table can buy in salon online shop,most of them are free shipping within some place,beauty-ace.com offer beauty & nail salon to all the salon owner,especially the facial&spa bed,nail&manicure desk.

Today we recommend a nail salon product"Vane 2 IN 1 Mobile Manicure Pedicure Chair" ,same time to make Manicure and pedicure,small cost.It can seperate in 2 parts. 

One part can do manicure,the second part can do pedicure,easy to adjustment,most of salon owner find this 2 in 1 mobile manicure & pedicure.
But the importane point is this nail desk is match for home salon or small nail salon to start business.
More Nail Desk can click here check more.
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