Why choose Us To Buy the Beauty Bed?

 Why choose us to Buy the Beauty Bed?


There are many kinds of Beauty Bed on the market,electric adjustment beauty bed、hydraulic massage bed,portable massage bed.

The quanlity is very poor of portable massage bed less than $100,there is saying"You get what you paid".Price in $100-$150 is good value for money as the entry level beauty massag bed,it is always used at physical therapy 、tattoo、fitness center、home.

The Electric adjustment & Hydraulic massage beauty bed price is up to the motors.From 1 motors to 4 motors can select,price from $599-$2000,especially the Motor is certificated by CE,safe and stable,4-layer high density sponge,strong solid structure,price over $800 & one motors can adjust the lift;2-4 motors can adjust the backrest,Tilt seat,Adjustable leg, those base on above feature is high quality beauty bed.Beacause of High quanlity,our Electric massage beauty bed are able to offer the 10 year gurantee for customer after service.

We offer Free shipping within the United  States(except some of area,check the delivery policy)

We will plant a tree for every Beauty Bedwe sell,there is famous saying:"When we drink water,we should not forget its source",what we take and what we done can change our life although do a little bit of it.

We are the new store to sale the salon equipment,but there is a team over 15 years experience to do beauty massage bed,believe us is not a easy job,but we will do it and make it true in next 5 years for the best aftercare service.

 Beauty-Ace why choose us?

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I have an new beauty shop is decorating, want to buy electric beauty bed set,this article impressed me:)

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