Which Esthetician Bed Is Best For Spa Facial  And More?How to choose the suitable esthetician bed?Finding Esthetician Bed Can Make a list combining personal and salon needs as below:

How to find an excellent electric esthetician bed which I need? which one is the best facial bed & suitable one? Letā€™s go one stop online beauty salon furniture store and review them

As we all know, beauty bed as a beauty assistant is an indispensable part of beauty center, esthetics bed, beautician, beauty equipment as the shop's three magic weapons.

A strong, durable, beautiful appearance, comfortable beauty bed is also measured one of the first impression of a beauty lounge, professional beauty furniture equipment can attract more customers to come, having an out-of-date or shabby facial bed sends the message to potential clients that your space is not professional or even safe.

Buying an estheticians bed is as long-term and durable as buying a sofa, and you have to make choices on a budget. That's why I'm writing this blog

There is no one best facial treatment bed because each beautician has different needs, preferences and client base. We'll discuss the most common issues to consider

How to choose the suitable esthetician bed?

Finding Esthetician Bed Can Make a list combining personal and salon needs as below:

  • What is the area of the beauty bed space?
  • How much do I want to spend for an esthetician bed?
  • The decorate of my beauty center.
  • Whatā€™s the type of treatments will you offer on this esthetician bed?
  • How much the weight-bearing capacity of the Beauty Bed I need?
  • What I need is electric or hydraulic functionļ¼Ÿ
  • What I need the electric facial bed is tilt one or upright one?
  • What I need the electric facial bed is 1 motors or 3 motors? Back, legs, lift, tilt
  • Do I need 270 -360-degree rotation?
  • Does able to remove head rest and armrest?
  • What I need is remote control or foot control? Or both?
  • Does want it to come all assembled?
  • How much the delivery fee can I bear? Total cost for a esthetician bed?

The above questions can be summed up to get your idea of the beauty bed needs basically.

Whatā€™s the standard to judge an esthetician bed from online store?

1.The Price (Your Budget)

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. A good esthetician bed is not cheap definitely, high-end quality, 4-motor multi-function control, upright pole, 270-degree rotating electric beauty bed must be over $2,500 or above in the beauty salon furniture market, unless you finding a wholesaler or manufacturer of a beauty bed to buy it.

Of course, you can buy the enter level, also 1 motor only for a simple lift of the electric facial bed, the price of about $1200, back needs manual hydraulic adjustment (Figure 1)

The mid-range beauty esthetician bed is designed for both quality and durability, with a load-bearing capacity of 300lbs. 3 motors control the back, legs, lift, and manual remote control. Additional foot control and towel rack can be purchased; prices range from $1,499 to $1,800(chart 2)

Advanced Electric Spa Facial Bed with four motors control the back, legs, up and down, tilt, 270 degreesā€™ rotation, head position can be adjusted at different angles, high sponge thickness, price at $1,900-$2,800.

For over $2,800, the beauty bed can be a storage spa bed or a double upright pole beauty bed. The wood and leather colors are customizable and come with a memory foam cushioning system. Perfect for day spas, medi-spas and resorts.

1.Beverly Electric Beauty Therapist black BA-30E

Type: Multi-Purpose Facial Bed & Massage Table

Price: 1377 USD


Professional ElectricĀ Esthetician Bed is perfect for your spa or tattoo studio. Adjustable backrest height in manual, electric control high up and down, simple function. The software is designed with rounded corners, and the appearance is softer and more secure.

The surface of the metal part is protected by an anti-rust and anti-corrosion coating. The seats surface is a strong high-density sponge, the software is designed with rounded corners, and the appearance is softer and more secure.


2.Aglaia Electric Facial Chairs / Pink aesthetic Bed/ Massage table

Type: Mufti-Electric Esthetician Bed/Massage/Lash Chairs

Price:1599 USD

Finding Professional Spa & Facial Esthetics Bed for your Beauty Salon Parlor or tattoo studio & cosmetic surgery clinicĀ atĀ Beauty-Ace.comĀ with affordable price.

Electric Permanent Make up Bed from 1 motors to 4 motors with hand remote control in different part, the seat and backrest is used high density sponge inĀ 4-layers, give your customer service in comfortable experience.

ElectricĀ backrest angle adjustment/ElectricĀ leg rest angle adjustment/Electric High up and down/Manual removable arm rests/Armrest rotate 180 degreeĀ 


3.Thalia fully Electric 4 Motors Medical Treatment Bed

Typeļ¼š4 motors electric dental clinic Chair/ treatment Bed

It offers 4 motors to control the part on back, height, leg, Seat tilt, as a multi-purpose treatment bed, always using on high-end beauty salon or popular, spa clinic, local dental.

It is one of the Multi-purpose electric Esthetician bed 4 motors, it comes with ElectricĀ backrest angle adjustment, ElectricĀ leg rest angle adjustment, electric High up and down, electric Seat tilt, Manual removable arm rests, Armrest rotate 180 degrees,Ā Whole body rotate 270 degreeĀ 

The shell is wrapped with acrylic cover, which is beautiful and durable, prolongs the service life of the software, and is easy to clean.EU-certified motor, 6000N strong driving force, and the operation is quiet and not disturbing. External separate plug-in board, which can replace different standard wire plugs, and low maintenance cost.


4.The Hydraulic Chair

Cleta Hydraulic White Lash Chair Brow Bed Massage Bed

Type: Hydraulic Base

Professional Hydraulic Multi-Function bed is used the stable hydraulic power gas as the support, adjustment backrest and largest, fully removable armrest. Manual backrest angle adjustment, Manual leg rest angle adjustment, Manual removable arm rests, heightĀ adjustment.


What Cost to Ship Facial Beds?

The shipping costs will vary on your region but you should expect to pay anywhere from $350.00 to $500.00 in freight to have an electric or hydraulic bed shipped to you.

Even some new store will free delivery within an area.

If need to delivery to somewhere in remote or different country, we will get two to three quotes to find the best rate to you.

Finally, which is the best bed sale of beauty-ace?

It is the classical Aglaia electric esthetician bed hot sale, offer 4 colors in affordable price.

Hopefully this helps. If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out. We're always glad to talk with you.



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