What‘s a normal facial bed size?

Whats a normal facial bed size?

Size of a normal esthetician (facial) beds are about 30 to 33 inches wide and 73 to 77 inches long with multi adjustable selections,because its design combined with comfortable and ergonomically features to take client into a relaxing zone.

What’s a normal facial bed size?

What are the keys influencing your choice of facial bed size?

Most people choose a esthetician bed need to depend on how big are the studio space, buying a suitable beauty bed that can match the scene can make you happy. Because the customer is also satisfied.

Take 3 types spa facial bed massage table to check,let's go.

1.Aglaia Electric Facial Chairs / aesthetic Bed/ Massage Bed

It comes with 3 motors to control  3 parts,backrest,legrest,height lift adjustable.Designer bring 5 colors like standard white,black,lovely Avocado green,sweet pink,lavender purple to match different kinds of studio(clinic/parlour/center) interior decoration.

Facial Bed Size:71"(L)*33"(W)*(23"-33")H

Aglaia Electric Facial Chairs / aesthetic Bed/ Massage Bed

 2.Thalia Electric Medical treatment Rotating Bed

This Medical Treatment bed comes with 4 motors to controll 4 parts including backrest,legrest,height lift,whole body tilt adjustable.Classcial color white match most of luxury & professional spa medical clinic,270 rotating function to be added on this electric treatment table,perfect as the assistant.

Facial Bed Size:73"(L)*33"(W)*(24"-35")H

Thalia Electric Medical treatment Rotating Bed

3.Beverly Electric Beauty Therapist black 

Beverly electric beauty therapist is similar as a twin bed with electric function.It comes with a motor to controlled height lift,backrest throught the manual controll,it used on mulit beauty& therapy work scene.

Facial bed size:71"(L)*26"(W)*(22"-33")H

Beverly Electric Beauty Therpist black BA-30E


FAQ About Electric Facial Spa Bed.

Is the electric beauty bed standard with remote control or foot control?

Most of the electric facial beds are remote control as standard, foot control is a configuration that needs to be added, it is not excluded that dealers can customize full-foot control electric facial beds according to customer needs, and there is no need to touch any position with hands throughout the process.

What is the product of Beautyace sale?

Beautyace Is Beauty Salon Furniture Manufacturer & Supplier.Focus On Multi-function Esthetician Bed and More. Cover To Beauty, Spa And Medical Industry.

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