Top 3 types facial bed Massage beds you need to know

What types of  facial beds you need to know?

There are all kinds of facial beds massage beds here,you should know which one match to your studio.Let's check as below


1.According to the material can be divided into: solid wood massage bed, iron frame massage bed, aluminum alloy massage bed, stainless steel massage bed, acrylic massage bed, etc.
 solid wood spa facial bed massage table

2.According to the characteristics can be divided into: folding massage table and non-folding massage table;
 foldable massage beds blue

Aglaia Electric Spa Facial Beds

3.According to the use can be divided into: medical massage bed (Traditional Chinese Medical Massage) , physical therapy massage bed (health massage bed) , foot massage bed , SPA massage bed (sauna massage bed) , shampoo massage bed, beauty body massage bed

Thalia Electric Medical treatment Rotating Bed

4.According to the style can be divided into: Chinese massage bed, Japanese massage bed, Thai massage bed, etc. _______________________________________________________________

 FAQ About Electric Facial Spa Bed Massage Tables

what are the 4 motors facial bed controllers?

There are 4 motors electric facial bed controll Backrest,legrest,high lift,tilt up and down,manual 270 degree rotation,manual armrest removable,manual headrest adjustable.Beauty-ace Thalia Electric Medical treatment Rotating Bed is 4 motors controllers.

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