Open A Home Nail Studio Tour

It is a video aboutĀ at home nail studio tour + nail art collectionĀ 

Open home nail studio in person is different from open a salon shop.

5Ā Nail Desks on can offer to you,affordable price.

1.Foldable Manicure Table BlackĀ  Ā $339

Foldable Manicure Table Black

2.Manicure Nail Table with Yellow Granite TopĀ  $535

Manicure Nail Table - Granite Top

3.FIONA Nail Table $561


4.SONOMA Manicure Table GreyĀ  $599

SONOMA Manicure Table

5.BA II Manicure Table in Modern BlackĀ  $599

BA II Manicure Table in Modern Black

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