The Nail in the ancient

Nail's Appeared

As early as 3000 BC, the use of beeswax, protein, gelatin and other materials to make nail polish appeared in China. 

In 3500 BC, there was a tradition of caring and dyeing nails in ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians took the lead in rubbing the antelope's fur to make the nails shiny.

At that time, people used the red flower leaves extracted from the scented flower leaves and the bronze color extracted from the insect secretion to make nail dyes to apply nails, palms and soles of feet.

Nail Rigid hierarchy

The color of Nails with a rigid hierarchy,in ancient Egypt, the nails of kings and queens were dyed red, while the nails of civilians were dyed lightly.Also in the 15th century, during the Ming Dynasty in China, the royal family had already dyed nails black or red,it is a royal symbol.

Keeps longnails symbolies the identity and status

No matter Ancient British royal famaily and nobles or Ancient China royal family,keep the longnails is a trends of fashion,it is a tradition of keeping long fingernails.
At that time,longnails were evidence of not engaging in work,repesent prower and status、money.People with gorgeous nails were non-mainstream and upper-class society.

Nail Protector with Gold Sliver and &Jade 

Keeping longnails is a trends,then it derived the nail protector set with decoration in Ancient China,it usually takes more than half a year to accumulate a nail that is about an inch, and it will split and break if you don’t pay attention. In order to protect this slender nail, a sleeve is added to the finger to protect it.
Each finger can be worn, either in a symmetrical set, or with one one finger.
The nail covers of the queens and concubines of the Qing palace are made of gold, silver, jade, tortoiseshell, copper, enamel and other materials, it decorated with hollows, engravings, and inlays.
As the changes of  times,people can select the different kinds of color and pattern on the nails,there is manicurist need to pass the manicure exam and get the manicure certificate,we no need to comply with the rule on the nail.
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