Hand Skin Care in the Winter 2021

Hand Skin Care in the Winter

Daily life hand skin care part 1

🔻1.Keeping the awareness of wear gloves on the daliy working and cleaning,such as wash dish after dinner,water flowers.

🔻2.Using the liquid soap which is over than PH value 7,instead of the normal soap and cleanser,Dove soap or"Lion" hand sanitizer can match your requirement,using Amino Acid Facial Cleanser or your body wash also fast and more comvenient.

🔻3.If the hand with wound always on the winter,it'd better to use Jojoba oil washing at the first,the oil will cover on the hand in a thin layer to keep hand not dry,then use the liquid soap.

🔻4.The hand cream use at the last,such vaseline hand cream、urea hand cream,it is good bargain in the winter.

 Hand skin care part  2-Insist to do following daily-hand 

🔶5.The important way is insist to do something,such as clean hand,then smear the hand cream full of hand every night,wearing the gloves until next morning(cut some hole on the Fingertip position of gloves),this will form a oli film on the hand surface with water-locking.

🔶6.Second step is smear sun cream on the hand surely(especial in the outdoor)

🔶7.Thirdly step is massage your finger always,make the hand blood take into full flowing

Hand skin care part 3-To DIY hand mask 

Treament Your hand same as your face,you will get what you wanna.

🔸Prepate the Body lotion, pearl powder, mask bowl, fresh gloves or plastic wrap.

🔸Mix the body cream and pearl powder together, pour a little bit of rose water if it is too dry, apply on the hands thickly, wrap up with cling film or gloves.

🔸massage for a while, wash off after 10 minutes,fingers will be super tender and smooth!

🔸🔸Apply a little body lotion to your hands and start doing lean hand exercises.

applying the body cream on the hand

Using the gloves to pack in


Insist to take care your hand daily,you will get a pair of beauty hand.

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