5 Tips for Lips care in the winter

👄5 Tips for Lips care in the winter

🔸1.Choose lipstick with moisturizing effection, which can maintain the inner lips effectively.

🔸2.Lips in autumn and winter also need sun protection, so no matter what season you should use sunscreen lipstick.

🔸3.People with dry, chapped lips and deep lip lines are not suitable for using non-marking lipstick, which may cause lip allergy.

🔸4.When there is dead skin on the lips, do not tear off with your hands. You should use a hot towel to apply it for a while and wait until the skin softens before applying lipstick to make your lips more moisturized.

🔸5.Lip balm with beeswax, aloe vera, tea tree oil and other ingredients has a good moisturizing effect.

🔸6. After a meal, wipe off the oil on the lips with a napkin, and then apply lip balm, which can effectively care for the lips.

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